Breeze; Our adored TB mare the same age as Jester.

Born on the thoroughbred  breeding/spelling establishment at which we live, Breeze was part of the first crop of foals born since we moved to the establishment. I believe she was always destined to be my horse. As a young foal, I would sit next to her as she slept in the paddock. She would get jealous when I turned my attention to the other foals and would chase them away before ambling back to rest her head on mine. She loved any interest I showed in her, and I had to keep an eye on my feet or she’d steal my shoes! A hilarious image that will never fade is one of breeze with my sneaker in her teeth, slapping one of her paddock mates. She was the only foal whose brand I had seen not turn out properly. It was only half there. I believed this to be because she did not truly belong to the man that ‘owned’ her, as she was mine.

The day breeze was old enough to be broken-in, I miserably watched them take her away on the truck. It was months before I saw her again, but I couldn’t remember being so happy when I finally did. She came back looking like a young champion instead of the scraggly, leggy filly that had left. I was up early the next morning and climbed abroad her back to watch the sun rise with Toowoomba lights far in the distance. A magical moment. Still, was the underlying dread that I did not own her and her papers and therefore could have no input in what happened to her in the future.  One afternoon, dad came to me and asked me to go outside and help him straight away. I was immediately worried, as he wouldn’t tell me what was happening. Even more bizarre than that, I had to help him load breeze onto our  float. An inkling of what was going on entered my thoughts and I realized something. Somehow, miraculously, the only foal I had ever really loved over the 6 years I’d spent on spelling farms watching young thoroughbreds grow, was mine.  But that did take a while to sink in properly. Dad had bought her for a very small price when informed that the horse abattoir was her next destination; That’s the racing industry though, when horses aren’t meant for the track, they have little else purpose.  Now she truly is mine, and she’s just as lovable as ever. She’s best mates with Jester and can’t wait for next year when she’ll have her first foal! (who should also be Sportaloosa eligible and a real treat! )


Duchess - DECEASED 2012; My Beautiful Burnt Buckskin pony mare. As we were informed by her previous owners (who we were close to), she had been conceived on a night in which a forgotten stallion had escaped his enclosure. He was a busy boy that night and got 5 or 6 agisting mares pregnant, and so was sold shortly after for the mischief he had caused. The next year, the owners of the mares came back to the stud and requested that they meet the stallion of their foals for more services. They loved them!! But, unfortunately, the stallion was long gone. Duchess was one of those amazing, yet completely unplanned foals. Anyone and everyone who sees her, loves her colour and style immensely. She’s a bit of a mystery though.

 Duchess had first foal Harlequin just before xmas in 2010. The little colt was the first true indication of her value. His exquisite good looks and vast potential are almost impossible to overlook. Although not eligible for full registrations, her foals will always be something very special. The temperament and personality of their father’s line, along with both parents obvious good looks. - Duchess recently passed away just before foaling in 2012. I have retained her one and only foal.


 Appy Girl;Well, unfortunately there isn’t much to be said about our Appaloosa mare. She lived with a single family for most her life before she came to live with us. She developed an awful case of laminitis and after foundering very badly, it got to the stage where she could barely walk. But after seeing farrier Paul Reeves and undertaking sytech shoeing treatment at the Gold Coast, Appy is up kicking and galloping around the paddock with her new found feet. An experienced mare that will provide us with the perfect recipe for pure Appaloosa foals. We look forward to her first, due Feb 2012.



 Ruby skye;  Our (TB or ASH) bay mare was a bit of a wild card. Agisting on our block for months, we soon got to know her and eventually take her out for rides. Dad immediately liked her as a riding horse and after not long, she was ours to keep.  Skye has made good friends with our ‘Belle’ gang and we’re lucky to have her.

Jester Loves his girls

Breeze as a young horse (the closest one)


Happy little family