Post 21 October 2013

The horses love her, she's a great mouser/rabbiter and she's everybodys best friend! That's right, it's Kia cat! And she has some news... someone is pregnant! Kia's a bit special so the much anticipated kittens will be adored by all. It'll be a lovely Xmas suprise.            

11th October 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to Telifa and her mare Cricket on the arrival of a handsome chestnut colt with a lace blanket Out of the handsome stallion Jester. Mum and bub are healthy and Happy finally :) 

(photo at about an hr old)

October 2013 - Congrats to Mandi on the purchase of Baby Animal and her striking red dun Colt. Best of luck to them!

July 2013

Out of curiosity I found myself attending the Laidley Horse sales. I could not believe the selection of horses just waiting to be saved and whisked away to a life of fulfillment and happiness or the other given option - the meatworks. One particular little horse caught my attention and I found myself in a predicament.. Intrigued by her colour and stature I could not bring myself to walk away. Later that evening I was awaiting the arrival of a scrawny little taffy pony with a heck of a story. Out on a whim with no idea how much money this little fixer was going to need, I hoped for the best for the both of us.

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June 2013

I moved down to live in Gatton for uni and what better way to celebrate than have a photoshoot with my little connemara friend. Photo credit to Ebony Reeves - we did good!

March 2013

After 3 weeks of training and ever having someone on his back, this little man went straight to the local show and did a spectacular job! Nothing like an appy. Rising 3y.o and a total sweetheart, I think he has a big future. Out for a spell now! Duchess would be a proud mumma.

POST: 30/6/12

A mare from last season has recently been back to visit Jester, as sadly, she lost her foal much later on in the pregnancy.

Thoughts with you Telifa Sloane. Finger's crossed that all goes well with Cricket this coming year. X


POST: 7/10/12

 Shira, our old grey stock horse mare has been relocated to the Gold coast to enjoy retirement with her new family.

 POST: 27th June 2012





Here's to a very special friend of nearly a decade, and an exciting young new friend I never had the chance to meet. You had so much promise, potential and so much to offer. I have loved you with all my heart and nothing pains me more than the reminder that I'll never see you again. You were the only one I could truly call my own and I thought you would be in my life for at least another 10 years. You were such a blessing. ♥ :'( R.I.P precious girl ♥ ♥

Feburary 2012 - CLIFTON SHOW

First outing as a yearling! Looking good in purple ;) Melted right into the scene and was a pleasure to handle.