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Red Dun Appaloosa colt 


Sweet Bay Dun Filly 

Photos taken at week old 


Handsome Red dun colt

Photos taken at 2 weeks old


Red Dun Filly with lots of chrome 

Image at 3 weeks of age 


Dun colt with 2 blue eyes <3 

 'Flag' at aprox 5 hours old




'Belle of Valkyrie' (Valley)

at 12 hours old

An appaloosa in every way! (got her daddy's strawberry blonde mane)


'Belle Streaking Skyes'

(at 12 hrs old)


(at 3 days old)





CONGRATULATIONS! to Ruby Skye on producing a beautiful filly with all the dun factors! leg bars, neckshadow, dark points and a strong dorsal stripe! (31st October 2011)



 Our little Christmas colt, born on the 23rd of December 2010. An absolute wonder for my first foal. Truth be told, I’m not sure what colour he is. Will either turn out a burnt buckskin like his mother or some kind of dun with looks to kill. He has one blue eye, the most gorgeous white tipped ears and is laced with attractive, intricate markings.  Will mature around 15 hh.

MS Total Fluke (2009);

  Flukey is a red dun colt born 2 weeks after Zephyr, while Jester was living in Adelaide. He belongs to the previous, previous owners of Jester (Matt and Shannon - who had him agisting on our property). Named as such, for the fluke incident in which he was conceived. The mare was served once, one time and fluke was born amidst all the bad luck being paraded around shortly after. Has been parading around in led classes and halter futurities and won hooves down. Has recently been sold to a rodeo queen in SA - 2011.

Zephyr (2009) 

 (12 hrs old, Zephyr having a nap)

Jester had just been sold to Adelaide and I was awaiting the birth of a new foal from my father’s mare 'Fantasy' (original name, I know).  Fantasy was the last of her bloodline produced by my grandfather who had once crossed  quarter horses with stock-horses to achieve fine, athletic horses.  She was a rich, but plain chestnut colour, 25 yrs of age and had a slight back problem from an old injury. Having done nothing her whole life, we decided this was her chance to give something back (also a last desperate attempt to secure a piece of our fleeting experience with Jester). 

I was ceaselessly searching for names for my soon-to-be first foal, but I knew I’d found the perfect one when I randomly opened the thesaurus one day for no particular reason and the word ‘Zephyr’ caught my eye. An intriguing word with a nice ring to it, and I knew that would be the unborn foals’ name. After looking further into the meaning of the name, I realised just how suitable it really was. The definition of Zephyr was a soft, gentle breeze (the west wind). The property on which the foal was to be born, was ‘Four Winds’. I was hoping for a nature/weather-like name because Jester’s Sire’s name was Mighty Storm Song, and I wanted to tie the unborn foal to the greatness of his bloodlines in some way.

Zephyr was born a week after my birthday and at the start of school holidays, a seemingly perfect time. A stunning red dun, lace blanket appaloosa colt, with immediately the sweetest nature. Jester’s first foal proved him to be a incredible colour producer! I had done so much waiting for this anticipated foal that I overlooked the problems he exhibited the night he was born. I’d also never witnessed the birthing of a foal and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. A 25 year old mare with minor health issues who had never foaled before. It COULD have been alright, but our little Zephyr was a very rare case indeed. Born with a small heart murmur and no eyes, regional vets had seen or heard of one or two cases like Zephyr’s in their entire careers, and ultimately gave us no other choice than to put him down. 3 days later, we buried him under a special tree with our 2 beloved family canines. I was completely heartbroken. Fantasy would have made a fantastic mother as she always exhibited ridiculous maternal tendencies but we never got another chance to try her with another foal, as she passed away 6 months later. It was a mass learning curb for us, and Zephyr still deserves recognition for the part of my life that he was. R.IP.

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