If you wish to own an ever-lasting image of your adored animal friend, then I will be more than happy to assist.  I generally paint in a contemporary style, but will of course incorporate your own wishes and/or preferred colour scheme.

Please visit my Gallery for more examples.

 General Price Estimates;

$250 for a 35 x 45cm canvas

$450 for a 41 x 51cm canvas

 $490 for a 40 x 80cm canvas

$550 for a 61 x 76cm canvas



   ·         When you are considering a commission, first take a look over my art to ensure you like my style & palette. Note your favorites and the ones you 'like least'.


  • I'll be asking for a description of what you are seeking. Simply send as many high quality photos as you wish via email for me to work from.


  • This is the time to be frank: state your dislikes, and likes. If you want a close duplicate of a particular painting, please say so right up front. Ask questions. All this will help to get you what you wish for.


  • For all commissions, a 50% commissioning fee is required at the start of the project. This fee is not refundable; however it is applied to the final cost of the commissioned piece.


  • I paint in Acrylics. Commissioned artwork can take as little as a month to several months to fabricate, depending on the assignment and the schedule of the artist (me).


  • I'll arrange for you to periodically view the work in progress before completion. That way, you may address concerns. I’d like you to feel comfortable asking questions, and expressing opinions about the art and its progress.


  • You will receive a digital image of the finished artwork for approval prior to it being shipped to you. After acceptance of this artwork photo, your receipt of the painting will be produced. Upon payment of the balance, claim your finished work (framed or unframed by arrangement), and you are then ready to hang your new masterpiece.


  • Besides a commission centered around your wishes, you can commission a painting centered around one of my existing paintings. The cost for the latter is usually much lower and the fees correspond to the original sourced painting.


  • Usually, I don't EXACTLY copy an artwork I have done before unless you have your heart set on a particular one and it’s unavailable, an inconvenient size or NFS. Rather, I’ll recreate a painting just for you with new aspects that better suit you, your environment and situation.

"Horses Are The Inspiration For My Talent'

At ten years of age, I began to express my love for horses in as many ways as possible. It just so happened that I was introduced to the art of painting with acrylics, and much to my surprise, I found in myself a new talent.

I sold my first artwork when I was 12yo, in a ‘Shed Painters’ exhibition. Family and friends began to approach me for paintings of their beloved pets, and now 4 years after my first sale, I’ve learned a great deal and have adapted to popular demand.

In 2009, I completed and sold my first commission successfully. I originally painted Jester for myself (using some of the many photographs I'd taken as guides), before showing his last owners. After seeing the painting, they bought it off me immediately.  In fact, they loved it so much that I was commissioned a sequential portrait picture of him.


I aim to broaden my horizons through working by commission for the wider community. 


Thanks For Stopping By! :)